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  1. Can any Diggz user contact me?

  2. Can Diggz help me find a place?

  3. Can Diggz provide help moving?

  4. Can I go to view an apartment before I have a roommate lined up?

  5. Can other Diggz users access my contact information?

  6. Can the recipient share my information with anyone else?

  7. Does Diggz cost me anything?

  8. How can I see more potential Roommates

  9. How can I see users with Mutual Friends?

  10. How do I Change my Profile Picture?

  11. How do I contact other Diggz users?

  12. How do I deactivate my account?

  13. How do I delete my room offer from my profile?

  14. How do I get more 'Instant Messages'?

  15. How do I get more “Matches”?

  16. How do I give feedback?

  17. How do I go to view an apartment?

  18. How do I know if someone liked me?

  19. How do I make changes to my profile?

  20. How do I permanently delete my account?

  21. How Do I Report an Inappropriate User?

  22. How do I reset my password?

  23. How do I see more information about the users?

  24. How do I verify my account with Facebook?

  25. I accidentally blocked someone I matched with, how do I unblock them?

  26. I cannot find the profiles I liked

  27. I don’t feel like answering all of the questions on my profile, can I still use Diggz?

  28. I have a room, how do I list it?

  29. I received a notification of a "Liked" , "Match" or Message but cannot see the user anymore

  30. I scheduled a viewing or call, but it was never confirmed

  31. I scheduled an appointment to view an apartment but it got declined or cancelled

  32. I'm looking for a room or roommate but my profile says that I have a room to offer

  33. My Profile Picture isn't showing Correctly

  34. Scammers Black List

  35. Tips to Identify Scammers

  36. Un-hiding your account

  37. What happens when I "Dislike" someone's profile?

  38. What happens when I "Like" another user?

  39. What happens when I like an Apartment?

  40. What is an 'Instant Message'?

  41. What type of apartments are offered on Diggz?

  42. When will Diggz expand to other cities?

  43. Which cities does Diggz currently serve?

  44. Why can I only schedule a call and not a viewing?

  45. Will Diggz ever read my conversations?

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