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What do I get with a Diggz Premium Membership?

Diggz Premium is a subscription based memberships that offers you account upgrades and various perks that will put you in the best position to find roommates faster and easier.

First, you'll get free daily top of Instant Messages that you can cut the waiting for a "like back" and send a message directly to your top prospects. Each day it'll fill up to 10 IMs. So make sure to use your IMs daily.

Second, You will get unlimited "Likes". A "like" is still a great way to engage with potential roommates, since when you "like" someone it's not anonymous and they will get an alert about it. Then they can decide if to match. Unlimited Likes is perfect if you are in a time crunch and trying to reach as many potential roommates in a short amount of time.

Third, We will boost your profile to show up further up in the roommate search results. We present personalized roommate results for each and every user on Diggz. No set of results are ordered the same. With the boost, our algorithm will favor you over similar roommates and show you to others first. This is beneficial if you prefer to take a more passive approach and let others reach out to you first.

Fourth, You will have access to Premium Filters. If you are extra picky, or don't like looking at irrelevant profiles, this is for you. Our premium Filters will help you narrow down results for members that have been recently active, have references, or remove members without a profile picture or smokers. You'll also be able to save time and filter for specific neighborhoods vs. areas and see members with rooms or that are interested in those specific neighborhoods. For example, you'll be able to pick members that are interested in the East Village or Upper East side, instead of a more broader filter of all of Manhattan.

You can also read more about Diggz Premium in our blog or the Diggz Premium page

We are continuously working on additional perks for our Premium Users, so be on the lookout for more perks. And if you have an idea or a perk you would like to see, please share it with us :)

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