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Tips to Identify Scammers

While we personally check every profile using A.I and human eyes to make sure we keep the creeps and bad guys outside of Diggz, sometimes a few manage to sneak in. If you are looking at room offerings, in general it's always recommended to see the place in person with your own eyes. If you are currently away, and you are trying to secure a place remotely then you should be extra diligent before sending out any payment. 

Below are some general hints to identify a potential scam:

  • 'Too good to be true' offer
  • Renter is out of town and cannot show the place
  • Asking for a small payment / deposit to receive a key or to hold the apartment
  • Payment method requested is a wire, Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Asking to pay a 3rd Party
  • Mention of a family Lawyer drafting the lease agreement
  • You cannot see the place physically (or even via skype)
  • No Proof of residence has been provided (a rent bill, lease, or Government ID)
  • No Social website available to confirm identity (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Listing or the exchanges with the person include bad or unnatural grammar

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