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What type of apartments are offered on Diggz?

While our focus is to help you find a roommate, we can also help you find housing. Whether you teamed up with another roommate to find a place together, or decided to go solo and get a place on your own. 

Apartments for rent:
In our 'Search Apartments' section, we offer a curated list of apartments that are offered by our trusted network of landlords, management companies, co-living companies and real estate brokers. These are all apartments for rent for which you must sign a lease for and the rent price listed is for the entire apartment. In this case, we recommend that you find a roommate that is also interested in the same apartments as you, and co-sign the lease together. 

In NYC, you can also search for specific Apartments for rent such as Pet Friendly rentals, No Fee Rentals or even No Security Deposit apartments for rent. More custom search pages in other cities coming soon.

In the case of co-living apartments, you are only responsible for your own room and don't have to worry about finding a roommate. For the most part, you will be paired with existing roommates by the co-living company. 
Co-livings are a great option if you are new to the city, need to move very soon and don't have a lot of time to apartment search, or would like to explore the city before you commit to a place long term. Co-livings usually come furnished (or pay extra to furnish), include all the things you need like linens, towels, kitchen ware, TVs as well as periodic cleanings, community events and other other perks. There are plenty of Co-living options in different parts of your city. Each co-living offers slightly different perks and different price points so you can review and compare them all on the Co-living Search page. 

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